Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II Ceramic Engineering and Science

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Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II Ceramic Engineering and Science

Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 27, Issue 2 By
2007 | 760 Pages | ISBN: 0470080523 | PDF | 61 MB

This volume contains over 70 papers on advanced research and development of processing, mechanical properties and mechanics of ceramics and composites from the proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 22-27, 2006, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The conference was organized and sponsored by The American Ceramic Society and The American Ceramic Society's Engineering Ceramics Division in conjunction with the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division. It covers underlying fundamental links between microstructure and properties, and the ability to achieve desired multifunctional properties through innovative processing techniques. Content: Chapter 1 High?Velocity Impact Resistance of ZrB2?SiC (pages 3-9): Stewart Henderson, William G. Fahrenholtz, Gregory E. Hilmas and Jochen MarschallChapter 2 High Temperature Fatigue Behavior of Mullite/SLC Multi?Composite Crack?Healed (pages 11-17): Wataru Nakao, Jun Nakamura, Koji Takahashi and Kotoji AndoChapter 3 Multiple Cracking of Ceramic Hollow Cylinders Subjected to Thermal Loading: Experiments and Analysis (pages 19-33): A. S. L. Fok, W. He, H. Li, J. D. Jackson and J. R. WrightChapter 4 Hertzian Indentation Stress Statistics in Microstructurally Tailored Sialons (pages 35-43): K. C. Hoff, J. R. Hellmann and R. YeckleyChapter 5 Fracture Toughness of Ceramics by the Vickers Indentation Crack Length Method: A Critical Review (pages 45-62): George D. QuinnChapter 6 Fracture Toughness of Thin Plates by the Double?Torsion Test Method (pages 63-73): Jonathan A. Salem, Miladin Radovic, Edgar Lara?Curzio and George NelsonChapter 7 Fracture Toughness of Porous Cordierite (pages 75-81): Amit Shyam, Edgar Lara?Curzio, Hua?Tay Lin and Randy J. PartenChapter 8 The Mechanical Properties and Hydrothermal Stability of Porous, Partially (Biscuit?) Sintered Y?TZP Ceramics (pages 83-92): Tomaz Kosmac, Mariusz Andrzejczuk and Krzysztof J KurzydlowskiChapter 9 Improvement in Working Limit for Ceramic Components by Using Crack?Heal (pages 93-99): Wataru Nakao, Toshi Osada, Masato Ono, Koji Takahashi and And Kotoji AndoChapter 10 High Temperature Creep Deformation of Al2O3?Based Eutectic Ceramics Grown by the Laser Heated Float Zone Method (pages 101-112): J. Ramirez?Rico, A. R. Pinto?Goomez, J. Martinez?Fernaandez, R. De Arellano?Loopez, V. M. Orera, R. I. Merino and J. I. PennaChapter 11 Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Test Methods for Evaluating Shear Strength of Ceramic Composite Joints Using Interface Element (pages 113-124): Hisashi Serizawa, Daisuke Fujita, Charles A. Lewinsohn, Mrityunjay Singh and Hidekazu MurakawaChapter 12 Adhesive Bonding of Titanium to Carbon?Carbon Composites for Heat Rejection Systems (pages 125-131): Jennifer Cerny and Gregory MorscherChapter 13 Diffusion Bonding of Silicon Carbide Ceramics Using Titanium Interlayers (pages 133-143): Michael C. Halbig, Mrityunjay Singh, Tarah P. Shpargel and James D. RiserChapter 14 The Effects of 304L Stainless Steel Pre?Oxidation on Bonding to Alkali Barium Silicate Glass (pages 145-157): D. F. Susan, J. A. Van Den Avyle, S. L. Monroe, N. R. Sorensen, B. B. McKenzie, J. R. Michael, J. E. Christensen and C. A. WalkerChapter 15 Brazing of Ceramic?Matrix Composites to Titanium Using Metallic Glass Interlayers (pages 159-168): R. Asthana, M. Singh and T. P. ShpargelChapter 16 Grain?Boundary Atomic Structures in Zirconia Ceramics (pages 171-181): Naoya Shibata, Fumiyasu Oba, Takahisa Yamamoto and Yuichi IkuharaChapter 17 The Effect of the Fiber/Matrix Interface on the Mechanical Properties of Ceramic?Reinforced Zirconia Phosphate?Based Matrix Composites (pages 183-194): Barry BenderChapter 18 Fiber Push?Out Nanoindentation Study of BN Interface in SIC/SIC Composites Exposed to High Temperatures (pages 195-205): Eric Jones, Sergey Yarmolenko and Jag SankarChapter 19 Determination of Interface Opening Strength (pages 207-216): Stephane Pompidou and Jacques LamonChapter 20 Measurement of the Matrix/Fiber Interfacial Strength of Carbon/Carbon Composites (pages 217-223): Soydan Ozcan, Bijay Gurung and Peter FilipChapter 21 Oxidation of 3D?C/C Composites in Presence (or not) of Catalytic Impurities: Kinetics and Effect on Mechanical Properties (pages 225-231): Emmanuel Duvivier, Christian Robin?Brosse and Roger NaslainChapter 22 Microstructure and Thermal Properties of 2 Directional and 3 Directional C/C Composites (pages 233-244): Soydan Ozcan, Mehari Woldemicheal, Sardar Iqbal and Peter FilipChapter 23 Influence of R?Ratio on the Fatigue Behavior of a Woven SiC/SiC Composite (pages 245-256): Sreeramesh Kalluri, Anthony M. Calomino and David N. BrewerChapter 24 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Non?Oxide Laminated Composites (pages 257-264): D. Sciti, M. Nagliati, L. Silvestroni, S. Guicciardi and G. PezzottiChapter 25 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy for Characterization of Coatings and Near?Surface Features of Ceramics (pages 267-274): Jun Qu and Peter J. BlauChapter 26 Nondestructive Evaluation of Machining Damage in Silicon?Nitride Ceramic Valves (pages 275-280): J. G. Sun, J. M. Zhang and J. S. TretheweyChapter 27 Strength of AC?Sphere Flexure Specimen (pages 281-293): A. A. Wereszczak, W. Wang, O. M. Jadaan, M. J. Lance and H.?T. LinChapter 28 The Segmented Cylinder Flexural Strength Test (pages 295-305): George D. QuinnChapter 29 Non?Contact Non?Destructive Evaluation Using Microwave Radiation: Model Experiment and Application to Ceramic Fiber?Ceramic Matrix Composites (pages 307-312): Jordin K. Kurihara, Kimiyoshi Naito and Yutaka KagawaChapter 30 Rapid, In?Situ, Ultra?High Temperature Investigations of Ceramics using Synchrotron X?Ray Diffraction (pages 313-324): P. Sarin, R. P. Haggerty, W. Yoon, W. M. Kriven, M. Knap and P. ZschackChapter 31 Max?Phases Investigated by Soft X?Ray Emission Spectroscopy (pages 325-329): Martin MagnusonChapter 32 Through Thickness Modulus (E33) of Ceramic Matrix Composites: Mechanical Test Method Development (pages 331-338): G. Ojard, T. Barnett, A. Caloraino, Y. Gowayed, U. Santhosh, J. Ahmaad, R. Miller and R. JohnChapter 33 Forming by Extrusion of Annular Multichannel Monolithic Ceramics (pages 341-346): E. Rocha?Rangel, M. S. Moreno?Guerrero, R. T. Hernaandez?Loopez and M. Rodriguez?CruzChapter 34 Microstructural Anisotropy During Varying Forming Conditions (pages 347-355): Shawn M. Nycz and Richard A. HaberChapter 35 Oxynitride Glasses: Preparation and Properties ? Implications for High Temperature Behaviour of Silicon Nitride Ceramics (pages 357-364): Stuart Hampshire and Michael J. PomeroyChapter 36 CAD/CAM Fabrication of 3D Photonic Fractals with Ceramic/Polyester Composites and Their Electromagnetic Properties (pages 365-371): K. Tsutsumi, S. Kirihara and Y. MiyamotoChapter 37 The CVI?Process : State of the Art and Perspective (pages 373-386): Roger Naslain, Francis Langlais, Gerard Vignoles and Rene PaillerChapter 38 Pore Structure and Texture of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials (pages 387-397): Lucia Tellez°, Heberto Balmori, Miguel A. Valenzuela, Juan Rubio, Fausto Rubio and Josee L. OteoChapter 39 Carbon/Carbon Composites Produced by Chemical Vapor Deposition (pages 399-414): R. J. DiefendorfChapter 40 Ceramic Foam Processing by the Chemical Vapor Infiltration of a Graphite Felt with Sic for Ceramic Composite Applications (pages 415-422): Kevin A. Arpin, Christopher Hill, Justin W. Reutenauer, Timothy P. Coons, Michael A. Kmetz and Steven L. SuibChapter 41 Mechanical and Physical Properties of Cu2O?xCu Cermet (pages 423-434): N. Xie, W. Z. Shao, L. Zhen and L. C. FengChapter 42 Microwave Assisted (Mass) Processing of Metal?Ceramic and Reaction?Bonded Composites (pages 435-446): P. G. Karandikar, M. K. Aghajanian, D. Agrawal and J. ChengChapter 43 Melt?Infiltration and Wetting Transitions of Ni3Al Alloy Infiltrated Into TiC?Al2O3 Preforms (pages 447-455): Josip Vaci and Kevin PlucknettChapter 44 Composition Control in Aluminum Boron Carbide Composites (pages 457-472): Aleksander J. Pyzik, Robert A. Newman, Amy Wetzel and Ellen DubenskyChapter 45 Three?Dimentional Printing of Ti?AI?O?C Composites (pages 473-482): Xiaowei Yin, Nahum Travitzky and Peter GreilChapter 46 Development of a High?Temperature Ceramic Braze: Analysis of Phase Equilibria in the Pd?Ag?CuOx System (pages 483-490): K. Scott Weil and Jens T. DarsellChapter 47 Microstructure and Nanoporosity of as?Set Geopolymers (pages 491-503): W. M. Kriven, J. L. Bell and M. GordonChapter 48 Heating Rates of Silicon Carbide in a Microwave Field (pages 505-512): P. Mellodge, D. Folz, D. Clark and J. WestChapter 49 Temperature and Frequency Characterisation of PLZT Based Transparent Electrostrictive Ceramics Prepared by Electrophoretic Deposition (pages 513-518): Thomas Nicolay and Jan TabellionChapter 50 Strength Size Effects in Cellular Ceramic Structures (pages 521-532): James E. Webb, Sujanto Widjaja and John D. HelfinstineChapter 51 Reliability of High Temperature Lightweight Valve Train Components in a Total Probabilistic Design Environment (pages 533-542): Osama Jadaan and Jeremy TretheweyChapter 52 Static Fatigue (SCG) Models and Test Methods for Dense Ceramics (pages 543-555): Michael G. Jenkins, Jonathan A. Salem and Kristin BrederChapter 53 Strength and Weibull Characterization of Polysilicon Membranes for Mems Applications (pages 557-568): Osama Jadaan, Joseph Palko, Noel Nerneth, Anna Dubnisheva, Shuvo Roy and Aaron FleischmanChapter 54 Characterization of Mechanical Performance of NT154 Silicon Nitride Mtcrotrubine Rotors (pages 569-579): H.?T. Lin, M. K. Ferber, S. B. Waters and T. P. KirklandChapter 55 Life Limiting Behavior of Two Gas?Turbine Grade Silicon Nitrides at Intermediate Temperature for Stirling Convertor Applications (pages 581-591): Sung R. Choi and David L. KrauseChapter 56 Exclusivity of Strength?Limiting Extrinsic Surface and Hybrid Flaws (pages 593-601): A. A. Wereszczak and T. P. KirklandChapter 57 Sub?Critical Crack Growth Parameters for Low Temperature Co?Fired Ceramic (LTCC) (pages 603-614): Rajan Tandon, Clay S. Newton, Saundra L. Monroe and S. Jill GlassChapter 58 Hafnium Reactivity Below 1500°C in Search of Better Processing of HfB2/SIC UHTC Composites (pages 617-628): Yigal D. Blum, Steven Young, David Hui and Esperanza AlvarezChapter 59 The Stability of Porous Silicon Carbide Under Water Vapor Below and at 1000°C (pages 629-634): Manabu Fukushima, You Zhou, Yu?Ichi Yoshizawa, Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Kiyoshi HiraoChapter 60 Processing, Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of SiC?Based Ceramics via Naturally Derived Scaffolds (pages 635-650): A. R. De Arellano Lopez, J. Martinez Fernandez, F. M. Varela Feria, R. E. Sepulveda, M. J. Lopez Robledo, J. Llorca, J. Y. Pastor, M. Presas, K. T. Faber, V. S. Kaul, K. E. Pappacena and T. E. WilkesChapter 61 The Frictional Performance of Carbon?Carbon Composite Materials in the Presence of Hydraulic Fluid, Runway Deicer Agent, Aircraft Deicer Agent and Sea?Salt Water (pages 653-664): Milan Krkoska, Katarzyna Peszynska?Bialczyk and Peter FilipChapter 62 Effect of Heat Treatment on Crystal Structure and Wear Performance of Carbon?Carbon Composites (pages 665-675): Dale E. Wittmer, Soydan Ozcan, Milan Krkroska and Peter FilipChapter 63 Ceramic?Based Coatings on Metals Bonded by High Intensity Infrared Heating (pages 677-686): T. N. Tiegs, F. C. Montgomery, D. C. Harper and J. O. KiggansChapter 64 Effect of Microstructure on Sliding Contact Damage and Wear of Ceramic Coatings (pages 687-694): O. O. Ajayi, G. R. Fenske and I. ShareefChapter 65 Processing and Friction Properties of Intermetallic?Bonded Diamond Ceramtc Composites (pages 695-710): Dale E. Wittmer, Sarah Picard, Tad Miller, Petra Pejcochova and Peter FilipChapter 66 High?Thermal?Conductivity Densified Graphitic Foams as Novel Bearing Materials (pages 711-718): Jim Qu, Peter J. Blau, James Klett and Brian C. JollyChapter 67 Solid?Particle Erosion of MGO and a Hardened MG Alloy (pages 719-726): K. C. Goretta, D. Singh, A. J. Cunningham, Nan Chen, J. L. Routbort and R. G. RateickChapter 68 Tribological Properties of SI-AL-O-N Ceramic Under Reciprocating Sliding and Fretting Conditions (pages 727-737): M. F. WaniChapter 69 Frictional Response of Ceramics in Scuffing (pages 739-747): C. Lorenzo?Martin, O. O. Ajayi, D. Singh and J. L. RoutbortChapter 70 Grindability of TiC-Ni3Al Metal Matrix Composites (pages 749-759): Jun Qu, Peter J. Blau, James E. Shelton, Terry N. Tiegs and T. W. LiaoChapter 71 Microscopic Observations of Sliding Wear Surface of Alumina by Tem (pages 761-766): Yoh?Ichi Kawagoe, Tetsuya Senda, Kenji Murakami, Chiori Takahashi and Koshi AdachiChapter 72 Effect of Grain Size on Dynamic Scratch Response in Alumina (pages 767-779): Hong Wang, Andrew A. Wereszczak and Michael J. Lance

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