Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries (1-12) - by Peter Turnbull (Unabridged) (Audiobook)

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Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries (1-12) - by Peter Turnbull (Unabridged) (Audiobook)

Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries (1-12) - by Peter Turnbull (Unabridged) (Audiobook)
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#01. Fear of Drowning [5 hours 53 mins] Cassettes (Aug-2000) Read by Christopher Kay
When a middle-aged couple, Max and Amanda Williams, disappear and are later found murdered in a shallow grave. Although no-one appeared to wish them harm, when Hennessy digs deeper into their lifestyle and heirs, he discovers some startling facts: both of the partners appeared to have illicit liaisons with other people; one of a sexual nature, the other financial. And as the investigation fastens on the disturbing behaviour of the Williams' son, Hennessy is soon encountering a host of suspects and dark mystery from the past.

#02. Deathtrap [7 hours 4 mins] CD 48kbps (Jun-2000) Read by Gordon Griffin
Yet another of the author’s absorbing procedurals, this time set in the city of York, where Detective Chief Inspector George Hennessey presides over the Micklegate Bar Police Station when local retiree John Smith, taking his usual walk on the edge of the Whickham Great Wood, comes across the body of freelance reporter Cornelius Weekes, an apparent suicide, in a closed, fume-filled car. When a painstaking autopsy by Hennessey’s close friend Dr. Louise D’Acre proves the death to be murder, Hennessey begins an exploration of Weekes’s recent movements. He soon links the case to the death 18 years ago of Donald Round, another reporter. Both men, Hennessey learns, had been examining the case of Melanie Clifford, imprisoned for the murder of her long-time lover Toby Erickson’s wealthy wife Charlotte. It’s soon clear to Hennessey that John Cross, the long-retired police detective who first headed the Erickson investigation, had deliberately ignored evidence in Melanie’s favor. Now, 18 years later, Hennessey and sidekick Detective Sergeant Yellich are convinced of Melanie’s innocence and set out to prove it....

#03. Perils and Dangers [5 hours 57 mins] Cassettes (May-2001) Read by Christopher Kay
Nathan Ossler was a blackmailer: he made people tremble, pay up and then want to die. So when he is found slumped in an armchair with the front of his head missing, nobody in the Yorkshire village of Strensall is shocked. On the contrary, people were queuing up to shoot dead the universally unpopular foul-mouthed, foul-tempered Ossler. Who, though, actually pulled the trigger of the.22 handgun? Detective Chief Inspector Hennessey and his loyal sidekick Detective Sergeant Yellich have too many suspects to choose from. Could it have been the head teacher drawing his salary on false pretenses? Or the bigamist who married wife number two for money without saying goodbye to wife number one? Or a young woman whose driving force is greed and who will stop at nothing to satisfy it?

#04. The Return [6 hours 52 mins] Cassettes (Nov-2001) Read by Christopher Kay
Out searching for buried treasure in a private wood one June day, lonely Michael Jolly makes a disturbing find: a bone attached to a bone attached to a skull. Convinced that he'll receive a reward for discovering a missing person, Jolly is quick to call the police. And soon Chief Inspector Hennessey and Sergeant Yellich make an appearance at the scene of this decades-old crime. While Hennessey and Yellich try to piece together the mystery surrounding the thirty-year-old human remains, Margaret South - devoted wife and magistrate - is haunted by the unlovable face of bullies' favorite Norris Smith... Whatever did happen to him that unnervingly quiet night?
* Part 9 is missing 3 mins due to garbled speech at the end and part 10 is missing 3 mins due to garbled speech at the start. Unfortunately the sound quality overall is mediocre.

#05. After The Flood [7 hours 35 mins] Cassettes (May-2002) Read by Christopher Kay
Yet again, floods have played havoc with the Yorkshire countryside and when one river changes its course, a corpse comes to light. When DCI George Hennessey and DC Yellich get to it they discover that its head has been severed from the body. Well, there could be a whole load of reasons for that. But as the case progresses, there doesn't seem to be a good reason for it at all. Steeped in the history, manners and countryside of the North of England, this is an investigation that leads from dental records to a reading group and from DNA to losing the appetite for a pub lunch. It is an unbelievably strange tale that Peter Turnbull tells unnervingly believably.

#06. Dark Secrets [ 7 hours 18 mins ] Cassettes (Nov-2002) Read by Christopher Kay
A drunkard stumbles into Mickelgate Bar police station in the ancient city of York and reports having recovered the memory of witnessing a murder being committed. The police, initially skeptical, investigate the man's claim and discover the body of a young woman in a shallow grave in an area of rural waste ground. The grave appears to have been marked and three other similar markers are noticed. The waste ground begins to give up dark secrets and a chilling link is made to an innocent looking corner shop in the city. Inspector Hennessey's investigation leads to the solving of a series of disappearances which, to his professional embarrassment, had not been linked, and which by tragic coincidence leads him to revisit his own past and the tragedy therein.

#07. Treasure Trove [ 5 hours 2 mins ] CD (Jan-2004) Read by Gordon Griffin
The intrepid Yorkshire police duo, Hennessey and Yellich, are back. Four bodies are discovered in a deserted house in the village of Long Hundred. The victims, who are eventually identified as members of the aristocratic but decidedly oddball Inngey family, have been tortured before having their necks broken. The sole remaining family member, Harold Inngey, has a police record. Is he the killer? Before Hennessey and Yellich can question him, another body--this time the Inngey's former housekeeper--is found, also tortured and with a broken neck. Then Harold Inngey and his ex-girlfriend disappear in mysterious circumstances. Yellich thinks the answer to the case may lie in Long Hundred, where the Inngeys have lived for years. As usual, Turnbull offers a well-written, entertaining policy procedural with an ingenious plot and two very likable heroes. ( Emily Melton)

#08. All Roads Leadeth [ 6 hours 26 mins ] CD (Jul-2003) Read by Gareth Armstrong
When Francis Armstrong moves into his fussily designed Victorian house in the heart of the Vale of York, his August stretches before him in a haze of leisurely house refurbishments. His decision to move a pile of rubble, however, brings DCI Hennessey and Sergeant Yellich springing to the scene at the double. The woman's skeleton they study alongside Louise D'Acre, the lovely pathologist, points the finger of blame firmly and soon all the roads of evidence are leading in one direction. But once that destination is reached, the road continues onwards beyond that point, to a doorstep that makes no attempt to conceal its horrific crimes, but brags of them...

#09. The Dance Master [ 6 hours 18 mins ] CD 48kbps (Jul-2004) Read by Gordon Griffin
When Matthew Hopkins leaves his hell-hole council flat to seek out funding for his heroin addiction, he spots a plastic bag on the landing outside. Pouncing on it hopefully, he finds it contains only bones. Both the bones and the bag open up more than enough avenues of investigation for Detective Chief Inspector Hennessey and Detective Superintendent Yellich. It would seem the killer wanted to draw attention to himself, perhaps even to be caught. But when a new urgency infuses the case, will the detectives be able to make use of his helpfulness in time?

#10. Hopes and Fears [ 6 hours 16 mins ] Cassettes (May-2005) Read by Terry Wale
Poor Handy has a nasty habit of stumbling across the newly deceased. You could say it's almost as though he was cursed. First he discovered his own mother's body, then that of a friend and finally his son. Now it has happened again. When a frozen body is discovered deep in a wood in the Vale of York, DCI George Hennessey is called in to investigate. He soon discovers that the body is that of a young Russian student who had disappeared many years earlier. Tests reveal that she had been murdered before being frozen. A series of leads causes George to wonder if there is any significance in the deceased's connection with a suspect dating agency. And who is the mysterious street beggar who sleeps in the woodland just outside the city? And finally, why would an elderly and wealthy gentleman be so keen to admit to the crime?

#11. The Legacy [ 6 hours 15 mins ] CD 48kbps (Aug-2005) Read by Terry Wale
One hot summer afternoon, musician, Nigel Swannell is distracted from his regular afternoon stroll by a swarm of flies over a thick undergrowth of gorse. Further investigation leads him to a shocking discovery: a headless, handless corpse has been dumped in the middle of the bush..Chief Detective Inspector Hennessey and Sergeant Yellich are soon on the case. It turns out that a mysterious silver Mercedes has been in the area and the victim was in line for a considerable a inheritance from his acid-tongued, and exceptionally wealthy mother, Mrs Tansey. As the investigation progresses it appears that the victim's estranged wife, business partner and disapproving mother have their own secrets to hide....

#12. Chill Factor [ 7 hours 13 mins ] CD (Nov-2005) Read by Peter Joyce
A man's body is found in a park in York. It looks like a gangland-style hit to Yorkshire police detectives Hennessey and Yellich. They learn that the victim was Gary "Hammer" Sledge, one of the infamous Sledge family who "run" the tough Tang Hall council estate. No one wants to upset the Sledges, so the coppers figure whoever killed Gary must have had a powerful motive. In short order, they arrest five suspects, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The suspects were hired by someone who was hired by someone, but no one seems to know the identity of the mastermind who ordered the hit. The plot may be dark and violent and the villains nasty, but Turnbull softens the hard edge by offering very human glimpses of the detectives' personal lives.
Hennessey and Yellich Mysteries (1-12) - by Peter Turnbull (Unabridged) (Audiobook)

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