The Peter Maxwell (Mad Max) Mystery Collection - by M.J.Trow

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The Peter Maxwell (Mad Max) Mystery Collection - by M.J.Trow

The Peter Maxwell (Mad Max) Mystery Collection - by M.J.Trow
(Unabridged and Narrated by Peter Wickham) NEW TITLES ADDED
English | Audiobook Collection | MP3 32 kbps / 22 kHz Mono CBR Fhg | 2.75 GB
Genre: Audioboook / Mystery and Suspense

All are unabridged. The last eight books here are of CD quality. The remaining eleven are only available on cassette tapes - but the sound quality is decent.
Most are recorded at 32 kbps / 22 kHz Mono CBR Fhg MP3 except for the last six which are at 48 kbps / 44 kHz Mono CBR.
All are narrated by Peter Wickham, except for book 4 which is read by Christopher Scott.
(All were encoded by peterg23 except for five titles.)

The Peter Maxwell (Mad Max) Mystery Collection - by M.J.Trow

....I previously made this excellent series available here as a set in 2011 then added more in 2015. Here it is again as requested, with more titles added - Peterg23.

Peter Maxwell (aka 'Mad Max' to his students) is an educational dinosaur. As head of sixth form at Leighford High he has been teaching history since Jane Marple was a twinkle in Margaret Rutherford's eye.
With his cat 'Count Metternich' for company, and the love of his life DC Jacquie Carpenter as the woman in the case, Maxwell has a bad habit of stumbling on murder!

#1. Maxwell's House [1994], 8 hours 44 mins
A deeply cynical view of modern British schools pervades this absorbing series launch, which pits a dedicated teacher who prides himself on his eccentricity, against a killer, the police and the educational establishment. After 17-year-old Jennifer Hyde is found dead, ostensibly after being raped, in a deserted building called the Red House near Birmingham, the police, led by ambitious Chief Inspector Henry Hall, mobilize their resources. But one of her teachers, Peter Maxwell the head of sixth form at Leighford High aka Mad Max to his students and some of his colleagues, feels responsibility for her fate and decides to investigate, questioning police effectiveness and dedication...

#2. Maxwell's Flame [1995], 8 hours 17 mins
Peter Maxwell didn't want to attend the GNVQ (a certificate of vocational education in the UK) course. He didn't want to get mixed up in murder either - but perhaps it was all part of death's rich tapestry. And while a disparate gathering of teachers was breaking ice upstairs at the Carnforth Centre, someone else was in the basement - breaking skulls. But what the killer couldn't have foreseen was that one of the victims was an old flame of Maxwell's. So now it was personal. And when "Mad Max" takes something personally, he doesn't get madder, he gets results!

#3. Maxwell's Movie [1997], 7 hours 25 mins
The school trip to the Museum of the Moving Image was Peter Maxwell's idea. It results in the disappearance of one of his colleagues, Alice Goode, and sixth-former Ronnie Parsons. Maxwell's subsequent search takes him to the sleazy world of Soho, to blackmail, vice and murder!

#4. Maxwell's War [1999] , 8 hours 8 mins Read by Christopher Scott.
The Whitsun half term is usually a time for history teacher Peter Maxwell to put his feet up, drop his guard and oil his bicycle chain. But not this time. Maxwell's brief idyll is cut short by a desperate call for help from an old school friend, Cambridge lecturer John Irving, who is acting as historical advisor to a film company making a bodice-ripper. They need military know-how and Irving hasn't a clue. Filming is interrupted when the director is shot dead during a staged skirmish on the beach. The gun that did the killing was fired by one of Maxwell's 6th formers earning a few bob as an extra, and Maxwell himself had given the order to fire!

#5. Maxwell's Curse [2000], 8 hours 24 mins
31 December 2000 history teacher Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell sits down to celebrate the Millennium, the proper one, of course. Shortly before 12 o'clock the doorbell rings, and he finds a dead woman on his doorstep. That's the start of the fifth novel in M.J. Trow's Maxwell series. The particulars of the case this time points to witchcraft. The background is well-researched, and, like the earlier novels in this series, Maxwell's Curse is exciting and fun. The unlikely hero of an eccentric history teacher once again picks up the challenge and battles crime.

#6. Maxwell's Ride [2000], 8 hours 15 mins

Peter "Mad Max" Maxwell's two precocious nieces insist he takes them to a theme park. While riding the Wild Water, a passenger is killed in the float ahead, and Maxwell and the girls become eyewitnesses to murder. The dead man was an accountant working with CHARTS, a charity organisation sponsoring Leighford High School where Maxwell works. Mad Max delves into CHARTS and begins to unearth a complex web of murky secrets.

#7. Maxwell's Reunion [2001], 8 hours 23 mins
When Peter Maxwell attends a school reunion of the class of '65, all is not as it seems among his old chums. They are career men, family men - but the years have taken their toll, and the seething tensions of the school years surface in unlikely ways. At the end of the reunion weekend, a man is dead, hanging from the bell rope of the old school. When a second death occurs, Maxwell finds himself in the midst of a murder investigation. What is the secret that has been lurking under Maxwell's nose all these years - and could he be on the murderer's list for killing No. 3?
#8. Maxwell's Match [2002], 10 hours 31 mins
As part of a two-week staff exchange scheme, Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell is swapping the delights of Leighford High for the altogether more sophisticated charms of local private school, Grimmonds. This is a school where the teachers wear gowns, a school with interhouse rugby, debating societies and fencing lessons. It's a far cry from his familiar comprehensive - Grimmods is steeped in tradition and dripping with money. But within a day of stepping through the imposing school gates, Maxwell has yet again stumbled upon an unnatural death. One of the Housemasters has fallen from the school roof - but did he jump or was he pushed? Two days later another teacher is found floating in the lake and this time it's definitely murder....

#9. Maxwell's Inspection [2003], 9 hours 38 mins
There comes a time in every teacher's life when he must face his Nemesis - the four-yearly Ofsted Inspection. The team arrives at Leighford High one glorious summer and proceeds to stick its collective nose into various classrooms. The immediate problem of Head of Sixth Form, Peter Maxwell, is the attractive and vivacious Sally Meninger, a Humanities expert who proceeds to cast aspersions on Maxwell's metier as a teacher. Out on the town one night to relieve the tension, the Head of Sixth Form finds her in an intimate situation with her fellow Inspector, Alan Whiting. On the third day, with the atmosphere at the High School decidedly fraught, Whiting is found stabbed to death in the office set aside for the Inspection team...

#10. Maxwell's Grave [2004], 9 hours 57 mins (Thanks to Telpointer)
When Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell took his kids from Leighford High on an archaeological dig, all should have been learning and fun. The professionals were very excited - was the grave they had found that of Alfred the Great? No, because the corpse was not Saxon and it wasn't a king, but an altogether more recent murder. No sooner has the first body been found than a second, a policeman on the case, is found dead at the wheel of his car. What knowledge did he possess that led to his death?

#11. Maxwell's Mask [2005], 10 hours 43 mins
Deena Harrison was one of Leighford High School's 'characters'. She set fire to the toilet block when she was eleven, and threw Ollie Wendell down the science lab stairs soon after her twelfth birthday. But she had the voice of an angel and could act the skin off a rice pudding, so Mr Diamond, the headteacher, invoked all sorts of inclusion clauses and EU Equal Opportunities initiatives to keep her on. The autumn she came down from Oxford, there was something of a crisis in the drama department at Leighford High. Mrs Carmichael was in danger of losing her baby and the Little Shop of Horrors was in danger of closing down. So Deena came back - just to help out. And people started dying. But Deena's old Head of Sixth Form had a habit of solving murders ... Mad Max is once again on his bike.

#12. Maxwell's Point [2007], 10 hours 11 mins
With girlfriend DS Jacquie Carpenter back at work and little baby Nolan rapidly growing into a feisty toddler, Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell, Head of Sixth Form at Leighford High, decides to hire an au pair. The exotic Juanita Reyes hails from the sun-drenched isle of Menorca, and whilst the good old British weather can't hold a candle to the Menorcan sun, Juanita doesn't appear to mind a bit. She seems perfectly happy in the sleepy little seaside town, doting on baby Nolan and working hard to improve her English. Then one afternoon Max returns home to find Nolan gurgling happily in his cot, but sees no sign of his au pair; the lovely Juanita has disappeared into thin air. Meanwhile, two ramblers are surprised and more than a little disturbed when Patches the border Collie digs up an arm, which presumably belongs to a body, on Dead Man's Point-the lonely cliff top rising high over the sea...

#13. Maxwell's Chain [2008], 10 hours 14 mins
Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell is a very busy man; as Head of Sixth Form at Leighford High he does his best to resist Ofsted imperatives and mark GCSE coursework, whilst trying to cram as much History as possible into the reluctant heads of Nine Eff Gee and their like. Despite this, Max still finds time for some amateur sleuthing, even though his policewoman 'Significant Other', DS Jacquie Carpenter, has decided that this time he's leaving any murder investigations to her. But how can he refuse when the terminally nervous school photographer asks for his help after accidentally photographing a murder on the beach? Their discovery of a body buried in the sand dunes sets in motion a chain of events that only the redoubtable Mad Max can break, but one thing is certain; life in Leighford will never be the same again...

#14. Maxwell's Revenge [2009], 9 hours 52 mins
With the beginning of a new school year under way, Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell prepares to get stuck into his curricular routine and is looking forward to his forthcoming wedding to fiancee DS Jacquie Carpenter. The immediate task in hand for senior staff members is the hiring of a new assistant head teacher, for which the school caterers have prepared a private buffet. But during the lunch meeting, disaster strikes, as guests and staff alike become seriously ill in a matter of minutes. After being reluctantly thrust into the role of acting headmaster, Maxwell works in conjunction with the police, including his lovely Jacquie, to try to unravel the mystery. But with certain fingers pointing at him and Jacquie worried that the attack has infiltrated his life in a way that could soon get out of control, is Maxwell in more danger than he thinks?

#15. Maxwell's Retirement [2010], 9 hours 53 mins (Thanks to Yo_M)
Leighford High's Head of Sixth Form, Peter Maxwell, has a complete aversion to technology. Computers and mobile phones, texts and emails; these are not things that "dinosaur" Mad Max wants to know about. However, it soon becomes of vital importance that he learns when some of his female pupils start receiving strange and threatening messages, from an unknown sender who claims to know intimate details about the girls personal lives. Then Max starts receiving them too, and two of the girls go missing. When a body is found it seems that the prank has taken a sinister turn. With threats to his own life, will Max manage to solve the case and reach his retirement?

#16. Maxwell's Island [2011], 10 hours 35 mins (Thanks to Bookywoody)
Maxwell had never been intending to go to the Isle of Wight but when his colleague went sick at the last moment he volunteered to take her place on the school trip. His wife, Jacquie wasn't entirely convinced that this lived up to the family holiday they'd been planning, but she went along too. There were quite a few adults, as there have to be nowadays, including Medlicott, the new head of art, and his wife. Jacquie Maxwell feels that it's even less of a holiday for her when Medlicott's wife goes missing and she's forced to be the policewoman she'd hoped to leave at home. Back home in West Sussex Tom Medlicott is found dead at the bottom of some stairs. Maxwell accidentally stumbles on the solution to the mystery, but there's a lot of money involved and whoever is at the bottom of this won't stop at one or two murders ? or more. Is Maxwell going to live to enjoy the retirement which was so cruelly snatched from him not all that long ago?

#17. Maxwell's Crossing [2012], 9 hours 53 mins
At Leighford High, Peter "Mad Max" Maxwell is temporarily promoted to Head of History when his colleague is chosen for an American exchange. His counterpart is Hector Gold, who is accompanied by his eccentric family including his in-laws, Jeff and Alana O'Malley. Jeff O'Malley has been gate-crashing the local poker school. When Sarah Gregson, one of the poker school's members, is found murdered, newly-promoted Inspector Jacquie Carpenter Maxwell and Henry Hall investigate, with the assistance of Maxwell. As it becomes apparent Sarah suspected Jeff of cheating and Jeff was sacked in LA for being a crooked cop, is this simply a case of murder as revenge for name-calling? Being quite the expert in solving murders, Maxwell believes there is more to it....

#18. Maxwell's Return [2014], 8 hours 18 mins (Thanks to Antoek)
Are the two things connected? Well, yes and no. Teenage girls are being picked up on the seafront, and two of them are found dead. DI Jacquie Carpenter-Maxwell has barely set foot on her old patch before she is up to her jet-lagged neck in somebody else's tragedy. The prime suspect is Bernard Ryan, Deputy Head at Leighford High, and Mad Max is soon riding to the rescue on White Surrey. But can he pedal fast enough before another girl meets the wrong man, at the wrong time, in the wrong place?

#19. Maxwell's Academy [2015], 8 hours 32 mins (Thanks to Cerise)
The end of civilization, as Peter Maxwell knows it, is just around the corner. It comes in the form of Fiona Braymarr, the new super head of Leighford Academy. She is a new broom, sweeping away the cobwebs of educational mediocrity and she sweeps good people along the way. And the odd thing about her? She has no past. And within days of her arrival, two local women have no future; one is found dead in a car showroom, the other is stabbed at the foot of her own stairs. Two murders so closely linked in time and space must surely be connected. Maxwell’s wife, DI Jacquie Carpenter-Maxwell, thinks so. So does her boss, DCI Henry Hall. And Maxwell? Well, it’s hard to keep a good amateur sleuth down, especially when the kids of the deceased attend Leighford Academy. So he takes it all personally and puts his life on the line in the process. He’s got a murderer to catch and a school to save! Whatever will he find to do after lunch?
The Peter Maxwell (Mad Max) Mystery Collection - by M.J.Trow

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