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Carbon Copy Cloner Multilangual-Mac OSX

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Carbon Copy Cloner backups are better than ordinary backups. Suppose the unthinkable happens while you're under deadline to finish a project - your Mac is unresponsive and all you hear is an ominous, repetitive clicking noise coming from its hard drive. With ordinary backups, you'll spend your day rushing out to a store to buy a new hard drive and then sit in front of your computer reinstalling the operating system and restoring data.

Intuitive: A completely redesigned interface that puts all of the most-used features at your fingertips.
More efficient: The disk center, scheduled tasks, and the cloning console are integrated into a single window.
Simple: New simple interface mode allows you to clear the visual clutter and clone in three clicks. Source > Destination > Clone.
Task Chaining: Tasks can be chained together to form more complex backup routines.
Edit scheduled tasks: Yes, finally, you can edit your scheduled tasks.
Email Notifications: Configure your email account settings once and use across multiple tasks. There are also new ways to customize CCC's email notifications.
Task Scheduling: Run tasks hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you connect to your backup drive. Tasks can also be limited to running only on weekday or weekends. By default, tasks will not start if a laptop is running on battery power, and the task will start as soon as AC power is restored.
Administrators only need to authenticate once. Ever: Authentication is no longer required every time you want to run a task. CCC will require authentication once for an administrative user, and then that user will have one-click access to starting, stopping, and configuring tasks. Non-admin users will be required to authenticate with admin credentials to start, stop, or modify backup tasks.
Task History: Quickly view when your tasks have run and if they were successful. Restrict the list by task name, source volume, destination volume, or run date. Receive details information and advice on tasks that resulted in errors.
Disk Center: Quickly learn more about your volumes or create a Recovery HD, all while easily seeing all tasks that involve the selected disk, as well as the last time each task ran.
Customize your backups: All of your favorite advanced features can still be accessed through the advanced settings mode.
SafetyNet: Create a bootable clone of your hard drive, but also keep copies of your recently deleted and changed files - just in case.
Menu Bar App: Keep tabs on currently running backup tasks, create a new task, or run a scheduled task.

- Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan
- Redesigned, one-window interface
- Edit scheduled tasks
- Menubar application
- Task history
- Simple view mode
- Chain tasks together
- Run tasks only on weekdays or weekends
- Task collision detection (prevent two tasks from writing to the same destination simultaneously)
- Choose to run backups only when connected to a power source
- Administrators authenticate only once, ever
- Customizable email notifications
- Command line application
- Visual quickstart guides
- Bootable backups
- Smart updates
- Run backups on a schedule
- Back up to locally attached volumes
- Back up to network volumes
- Clone a Recovery HD
- Household license
- Disk Center
- Archive changed and deleted items
- Tasks run automatically, even if you are not logged in
- Back up to another Mac
- Pre- and post-flight scripts
- Custom filters
- Cloning coach with timely troubleshooting advice
- Available in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese
- Available in Spanish
- Prompt, professional support via our help desk support team

What's new in version
* CCC will now attempt to compact a destination sparse disk image if the underlying destination volume has less than 25GB of free space at the beginning of the backup task. This threshold cannot be modified in the user interface (yet), please open a support request if this threshold is too conservative.
* Resolved a hang caused by new behavior introduced in the 10.11.1 security update. Starting with 10.11.1, attempting to click on the "Allow" or "Always Allow" buttons when prompted to give access to a keychain item will fail if you are accessing the system via screen sharing. CCC now detects whether the event was initiated via a "virtual click", and in those cases will avoid asking for access to an item in your login keychain.
* When prompting for a NAS volume password, CCC now accepts a blank password (after a confirmation prompt)
* On some El Capitan systems, the disk arbitration service is not ready to mount an encrypted volume immediately after it is unlocked. This build extends the delay that CCC imposes to work around this same bug that was discovered on Yosemite, and has only gotten worse (rdar://18910971 for anyone that has access and influence). Auto-mounting an encrypted destination should work more reliably now.
* The search criteria popup menus in the Task History window are now sorted.
* CCC's User Agent will now revoke Task Started notifications when the corresponding Task Finished notification for that task is sent. This avoids having two notifications per task. Especially for users that prefer to have CCC notifications presented as Alerts, this will reduce some redundancy and free up some screen real estate.
* CCC's user agent is now more proactive about pointing out automated tasks that have been suspended because the system is booted from a different startup disk.
* Applied an exception handler to work around an El Capitan bug that could occasionally lead to crashes on launch.
* Paragon NTFS drivers occasionally add a NULL character to the end of their volume names. This makes it through to the interface as a control character (^@) on Mavericks and is otherwise harmless. On Yosemite, a text view will cause the application to hang if the "NSTextShowsControlCharacters" global default is set. This was an uncommon scenario, so we didn't see this problem frequently. On El Capitan, a text view (i.e. the Task Plan text view) causes a hang whether that global setting is applied or not. The result is that CCC will hang when a task is selected that references a Paragon NTFS volume. This update tediously detects and removes these rogue NULL characters before attempting to display a volume name in the Task Plan.
* CCC will no longer report SoftRAID volumes as "not bootable" due to a partitioning problem.
* Ancillary errors (failures that don't affect data backup, e.g. a failure to send an email notification) are now raised to the user's attention, but in a more subtle manner than for transfer-related errors.
* El Capitan paragraph spacing is almost twice that of Yosemite. Made a small change to how the Task Plan text is formatted on El Capitan to improve the space usage of that text view.
* CCC's scheduled task manager now subscribes to "system clock changed" notifications. If the system clock is automatically adjusted, CCC will now reschedule its task timers to accommodate the change. Normally auto adjustments are made on the scale of a few seconds and those changes are unimportant. We have discovered a few cases, however, where larger changes can occur (unrelated to time zone changes, which are handled differently) that can lead to tasks running much earlier or later than expected.

* Fixed a crashing bug introduced in 4.1.5 that would occur when trying to select a folder or disk image on a network volume as the destination to a task.
* If a backup task is configured to unmount the destination volume at the end of the backup task, and Spotlight dissents the unmount request, CCC will unmount the destination with more deliberation to overcome the Spotlight dissent. This change should go a long way towards addressing problems with being unable to eject the destination volume after a backup task runs, an issue that has become especially problemetic on El Capitan due to Spotlight interference.
* El Capitan Finder adds some extended attributes to files while they are being copied by the Finder. In some odd cases, the Finder fails to remove those extended attributes after the copy has completed, and these extended attributes occasionally cause errors when CCC tries to preserve them. CCC no longer tries to preserve these errant extended attributes.
* Fixed a bug that could cause the backup task to fail with a message asking the user to report the problem.
* Added a workaround for enfs filesystem volumes that don't populate the disk arbitration attribute for a volume name, causing them to be named Untitled in CCC's interface.
* addressed an uncommon race condition in which having ccc load on login could lead to two copies of the ccc menubar application being present.
* Improved handling of Keychain write errors when a task is being edited by a user other than the user that created it.
* When looking for Recovery HD sources, CCC will now correctly locate Recovery HD archive files that reside on CoreStorage volumes.

System Requirements: OS X 10.8 or later, Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan

Language: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

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