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Trace Loft - Massage Your Date (2011) (New Links)
Trace Loft - Massage Your Date (2011) (New Links)
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The program is a online home study course containing step-by-step High Definition DVD Quality videos showing you exactly how to become a Massage God that No woman can resist just by harnessing the power and intent in your two own hands.

Heres What Youll Learn In the Get Your Date Naked Section
The Full Massage Your Date Routine

Here you are going to seehow a massage works in real time with no interruptions. This lesson isso that you can see the big picture. I will break down the steps insubsequent lessons but this one is to let you get a feel for how you will Massage Your Date in real life.

Learning and mastering this sprecially crafted Massage Routine will have your date completly nakes in less then 30 minutes!

Lesson 1 ?The Hands Strokes

The magic of massage is in your hands. So if you are going to work magic you must know how to use your hands. You need to know which strokes to use and when and where to use them to get the maximum response.

In this video you will learn seven different strokes which will turn your hands into magic tools that can make a womans body feel pleasure that she could not even imagine.

All the strokes are broken down and clearly demonstrated so that you will be able to use them almost immediately. This video will teach you how to turn your hands into magic.

Lesson 2 ?The Foot Massage.

I am not sure why it is but most women put their feet through hell. They wear shoes that are not comfortable ?too tight or heels too high ?or they stand on them too much during the working day. Well guess what, by the end of the day most women have feet that are tired and aching. Want to be a hero Give her a foot massage.

First, she will absolutely love it. And then she will look for ways to return the favor.

In this video you will learn the tricks to giving an awesome foot massage. You will learn how to use hot towels to clean(without her even knowing it) and relax the foot. And after sheexperiences the magic of a foot massage do you think she will let you stop there

Lesson 3 ?The Back Massage

She is now feeling so good the next part of the body you will work on is the back. This video teaches you how to massage the back, the strokes to use and the areas to avoid. There is a very simple trick to getting her to take her shirt off.

You will learn to take your time, ask how she is feeling and how to keep moving towardyour ultimate goal. The back is very non-threatening. You must getreally good at giving a back massage because this is like opening thedoor to the rest of her body.

Lesson 4 ?The Clothed Butt and Legs

You are not quite ready for her to take too many of her clothes off just yet. Well you may be ready but she is probably not. So you need to transition, keep building trust and pleasure. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this video.

You will learn the ways to massage her legs and butt over her clothes in order to get her use to you touching her in those sensitive areas without becoming uptight or uncomfortable.

Lesson 5 ?Removing The Pants Trick.

Once she feels the pleasure of the legs and butt massage with her clothes on, she is going to realize how much better things will feel without her clothes coming between your magic fingers and her skin.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to getthose jeans (or whatever she is wearing) off. And if you go about itthe wrong way, you will kill the magic. So this video teaches you theright approach.

Lesson 6 ?Butt and Legs with No Clothes

Try to staycalm. This video teaches you the proper techniques for massaging thelegs and butt while she is only wearing her underwear. You are stillfocused on giving her pleasure. Dont rush things or you will alarm her.

Learn how to do it rightnd if you do i like I teach you..she will let you put your hands practacly anywhere you want!

Lesson 7 ?Top of The Legs with No Clothes

You really have her yearning for your touch. But let the pleasure build. Slow down and let the magic in your hands work for you.

This video teaches you how get her to turn over so she is facing you. It can be really powerful to see her face and realize the pleasure you are giving her.

Also, this video teaches you the proper way to massage the top of the legs and continue the adventure.

Lession 8 ?Chest, Arm, and Hands

Next Your will transition to the upper body and massage the upper chest, arms and hands!

Doing this correctly will show her that you have control
patience and the skills 90% other men will never have.

Massagingthe chest can be a tricky area but with my course she will have noproblem letting you because you wont be fumbling around like a fool.

Lesson 9 ?The Finisher

If you have followed what I have been teaching so far, you are now ready for the finisher. I will teach you how to finish the massage and showing you how to easily remove that last peice of clothing with so much ease that she will never resistnd What you do after the massage is up to you.

Heres What Youll Learn In The Massage Set Up Section
Learn How To Use Oil and Lotions For a Massage

One thing that immediately separates a professional massage from any other is the use of oils and lotions. Contrary to what most people think, lathering someone up with oils and lotions is not professional and doesnt feel good. No one wants to feel like they have been dipped in Crisco oil.

She is not going to feel relaxed if she is worried about her clothes being ruined by a glob of lotion.

This video goes into the types of oil to use ?the ones to stay away from and why.

Im going to show you exactly how to apply lotion to the skin and body in a way that will leave her feeling silky smooth and enhance her experience.

Taking Care of Your Hands

Just like anything else in life, there are some small little details that make a huge difference.

In this less Im going to tell you about some quick little things you should do before you start giving a massage.
These hand caring tips are going to make it a lot easier to quickly get your hands ready for giving a massage.

The Hot Towel SPA Foot Wrap

In this section you will learn how to prepare the hot towels for the foot massage. You dont want to skip will impress the pants off your date!

I learned this Top Secret Technique from working in a Very high end Spa that women pay a lot of money to have done to them. It literally only takes seconds to set up.. and adds a sensation to her feet that will litterally having feel like the luckiest woman on the planet!

This is also a great way to secretly clean her feet off before you touch them without her even knowing!

Making Your Hands Smoother

You will not be able to give a relaxing, soothing massage if your hands are like sandpaper. So what do you do It is a lot simpler than you think.

This is another High End Spa Secret! When ever you give a massage you are going to makesure that your hands are extreemly smooth. Doing this will make anycalluses instantly dissapear making your hands smooth and less ruff.

This lesson will show you how to almost instantly make your hands Super Smooth in less then 30 seconds!

Heres What Youll Learn In Quick Start Course Section
The Quick Start Seated Chair Massage Routine

The most difficult part of any task is getting started.
It does not matter if you are talking about building a birdhouse, constructing a complicated spreadsheet or massaging your date.

Weall have trouble getting started. Once we get going, we are generallyokay. But we are often afraid of starting on the wrong foot and strikingout before we even get started?I know the feeling.

So I created this video to give you a quick, easy and extremely safe way to start. I call this the seated chair massage routine and it is the perfect way to showoff your massage skills. And you can use this massage any time and anyplace. You can even use this on someone you have just met.

It is a perfect way to breakthe ice?. It is very safe because it is non-threatening. And it clearlydemonstrates that there are more and better massages in the future. Youwill want to master this massage and put it to use immediately.

Bonus ?Advanced Head and Neck Massage

Justlike the chair massage, the neck massage can be given any time and anyplace. It is very relaxing and stress relieving. And it can and willlead to more exciting massages once you let her know how pleasurable a professional massage can be.

Like all the massage techniques, this one shows you how to givea professional massage. Lots of men can just rub a womans neck. Butthat does not give the deep satisfaction that a professional massagewill.

A great way to build trust and make a stronger connection which will lead to more intimate massages.

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Trace Loft - Massage Your Date (2011) (New Links)



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